What are the Masses?


Written by Huang, posted on March 6, 2023

Morning or night, Friday or Sunday, made no difference, everything was the same: the gnawing, excruciating, incessant pain; that awareness of life irrevocably passing but not yet gone; that dreadful, loathsome death, the only reality, relentlessly closing in on him; and that same endless lie. What did days, weeks, or hours matter? – The Death of Ivan Ilych




– I will follow the academic essay structure in this article, and it’s obvious that I will write in English (for IELTS). There must be many mistakes, such as the wrong translation of a terminology. And I don’t want to tell you something new, but something shown in the previous blogs.

Nowadays, most of people are drown into the ocean of Mass Media that does harm to every individual. That is, an individual becomes an individual with masses, and the masses take up even most of myself. One statement claims that most of us are ordinary. More precisely, You are ordinary.

Instead of showing you the harm of the masses, which is an ideological issue,

I will introduce the masses. Besides, in order to satisfy IELTS demand, my argument is that the masses are harmful for every individual.


There are three main features Idle talk/Gossip, Curiosity, Ambiguity in the masses.

– Affected by my poor knowledge and biases, I cannot describe them objectively. Therefore, DO NOT regard them as the truth. (For further information, please refer to Martin Heidegger.)

Para 1

Idle talk/gossip shows the boredom注:『无聊』/『无可寄托』 of the masses.

As far as knowledge is concerned, we absorb it from books, papers, podcasts, serious discussions and idle talk. We’d like to talk about something popular, such as politics and celebrities. When we simply echo what others say or steal others’ ideas, we are gossiping. For example, middle-aged people usually give eloquent speeches on things they never delved into, and everything they know is cliché.

In my opinion, idle talk is inevitable in daily life. It is important for us to gossip. When you were new to a company, the fastest way to become a real member of it is to share your views on a mass event or your own secrets. Nobody does the latter one, which results in everyone using the same sentences, holding the same opinions. This leads to boredom that no one is unique.

However, everyone has a feeling when they gossip: it seems too ordinary. The point is that everyone dislikes it, yet everyone does it. Not only do people lack the desire to thoroughly investigate a matter, but they also are born to gossip. The first point is clear: most of people do not read serious works. The second point seems weird. People want to build relationship with others not necessarily because they like them, but because they need them. As the saying goes, “no man is an island”. No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others.

What does the born boredom work in our lives? It kills our passion to live as independent individuals. We cannot break away from it because it costs time and returns nothing. Idle talk tells us that we are not alone, but in reality. Everyone is mortal, and everyone faces death alone. But due to the born boredom, we lose sight of the truth. We create fantasies about paradise and God to convince ourselves that death is not the end but a new beginning. Because of the absurd lies, people cannot live with an insight on their lives, and they cannot sleep without pressure on their souls. We need an insight to sleep peacefully.

Stand up, individuals! Nightmares with boredom have been chased away.

Para 2

Curiosity shows the lack of real life experience of the masses.注:本段跑题了,而且论述很不恰当

Since the birth of human beings, people have always been curious about everything. A person wants to know everything to satisfy their desire, instead of knowing the reality. That is, people are satisfied with the surface of their lives, events. So, people will not delve into the darkness of their feelings, will not figure out why we are angry and why we cry. They always says that after wailing, we feel better.

The problem is: why do we cry? More generally, why do we overlook our emotions? For example, we are likely to cry for others, while feeling ashamed for ourselves. The reason is curiosity.

The born curiosity forces an individual to know little about unimportant things. We are curious about why apples fall instead of rise, for which the single word “gravity” sufficesA bad example. However, few people know how it works, as it’s difficult to figure out. It shows that we are driven by our desires.

Yes, desires are great because we gain our happiness/sadness from them. But with only desires, people are become part of the masses and fail to experience real life. They only want to know the surface, and then they lose the foundations of existence: the relationships with others, self-awareness, and the courage to face death. The masses are curious about the world and feel nervous about their boring lives. They say that we are born to enjoy. Actually, we are born to suffer and die. In order to live alone, an individual has to face the fact that everything is in vain. A sweet dream, made up by curiosity, covers the truth.

Stand up, individuals! Nightmares with false facts have been chased away.

Para 3

Ambiguity shows the inability of the masses.

When dialectics is concerned, the ghost of Hegel haunts and covers the cold sunshine of existence. Ridiculous “rationalism” is the shelter of the masses. They always use the logic to prove their stupid arguments. One statement claims that we are born to die and everything is in vain, so we can do anything. In order to show their “rationalism”, the masses compare theirs with the opposite argument to tell everyone that “I’m rational”. The most significant event happened in 1900s – people flocked to psychotherapy and found themselves sick, and then did nothing for it. The masses are unable to achieve anything.

The masses are curious about everything with the knowledge from idle talk. A single individual is able to do trade-offs, while the masses can do nothing. For example, when Trolley problem is concerned, they become emotional to discuss with others and fail to reach a consensus. Even if they do reach a consensus, no one will divert the trolley. Furthermore, when facing a real problem, such as whether to resign or stay, the masses understand the essence of it but find it’s hard to decide. Therefore, they say that let it go.

Although the masses are aware that their opinions are nothing, they always present themselves as having the right to decide. But they refuse to acknowledge of the inability. The masses lose their feelings and become insensitive of real lives. When a parent passes away, an individual falls into the memories, while the masses say that it’s normal because everyone is born to die. Is this real relief? Obviously, it’s not. The masses escape from all the harsh facts, which can do nothing, because we are thrown into the world and asked to live alone. By the way, that’s why an individual is free to commit suicide.

Stand up, individuals! Nightmares with inability have been chased away.


With Idle talk, Curiosity and Ambiguity, the masses are bound to live without the insight of their existence. It seems okay to be ordinary, but when faced with a real problem, the masses cannot make a choice. They are afraid of it.

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