Give Me Your Name


Written by Huang, posted on March 19, 2023

You’re my life.



-- By the way, because of a post which argues that we should not show your “ego” or express the deepest evil desire/thought in social media but show particular things to create the illusion of “me”, I want to claim that the opinions I hold in this blog are indeed my opinions while the arguments in public social media are not always mine. The illusion is crucial for us to hide and abide by the social paradigm.

Give Me Your Name - Dead By Sunrise

In this article, I am not going to make a comment on the song, but share general experience译:体验 with readers.

The song is likely to be a song asking name to crush who is a girl. However, as I listened to it again and again, I found that it was not as simple as I thought at first. It is a unique song which can be singled out to be a single album.

I am glad to show you around to be familiar with the song, with the my own thoughts.


-- I have not learnt anything about music itself, even the terminologies “tone”, “tone color” are learnt in Physics class. So, no professional knowledge is required before reading the following.

If you have listened to songs by Linkin Park, such as In the End, Numb and other popular songs, you will find there is a visible gap between this song and previous ones.

For me, the first song I listened is In the End that I was addicted to; the reason might be that was fancy and showed a different melody from all songs I had listened. Besides, I have listened to most of Chester’s songs including unpopular ones. Therefore, I am familiar with Chester’s tone color: if a voice is listened, I can immediately identify whether it is Chester. Nevertheless, I also found myself strange to this song, which was emphasized when chorus came.

“Chester’s voice is absolutely powerful no matter what he is singing”, I used to hold the opinion. Although there is all despair without any hope in Valentine’s Day, I can also absorb energy from it, which might be weird for others.

However, in Give Me Your Name, there is only nilness. The nilness is falling into the ocean, while the nilness of Taoism is “Xiaoyao”, the nilness of mainstream West is emptiness and the lack of existence. When I tried to understand the real meaning of this song, I found nothing; when I kept away from it, I found that I was drown in it with no thoughts leaving or escaping.

It is hard to say what the ocean actually is, but one thing is clear that it grasps my mind and tries to chase everything away. For instance, I wanted to pick up the illusion of Beatrice for fully understanding the song, but got stuck at the lyrics. No imagination is allowed here.

Therefore, the “girl” is not a real girl for me, but hometown or mother – two abstract notions from reality. I tried many ways to replace the “girl” with a real girl, with several names, even replaced myself to a hero of a novel; that is in vain.

When I listened to this song, I found that I was surrounded by only one emotion. I don’t know what it is; it should be loss but not exactly loss; or thrown, no, thrown is colder than this; it is more profound than nostalgia译:乡愁. I can not describe all the boundaries of it, which is huge. If I had feelings in womb, I might be able to tell you clearly.

Inside of your arms, taking me deeper where all the pain goes” is the most strange sentence for me. I can not feel any pain, although I get in pain sometimes. And I have no experience insides other’s arms, just can not remember anything of childhood. For now, I am typing for this essay and meanwhile hurt by something with heart shrinking suddenly. I am clear that it is not pain but memory. Well, the spontaneous sentence reveals the fact that memory should be the pain of mine. Although I am clear to some events of my childhood, I still say nothing about it.

The song might describe the illusion about an ideal person or place, however what is important is to experience the feeling when listening.

When holding a third-party view, I think it is just moaning from a young person. Even pretending I am myself, I can only regard the feeling as nonsense. But, I do think it is important without any reasons.


It seems to lead a conclusion, but I hate conclusion on mental issue.


Give me a smile, give me your name girl

Give me a sign to get my way

And get what I came for, you

‘Cause you don’t come easy

[Verse 1]

Give me your hand, come walk with me girl

Nothing’s that far when you’re near

So come even closer to me

Something so easy to do


And I fall into the ocean

Inside of your arms, taking me deeper where all the pain goes

[Verse 2]

Give me a smile, give me your name girl

Let them know that you’re mine

And I’ll do the same for you

‘Cause our love comes easy


And I fall into the ocean

Inside of your arms, taking me deeper where all the pain goes


And I fall into the ocean (into the ocean)

Inside of your arms, taking me deeper where all the pain goes

With a smile into the ocean

Inside of your arms, taking me deeper giving me new life


You’re my life

You’re my life

But, the real question is what is the “smile”; I am afraid of answering that.

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